Employer Bulletin May 2024

This Bulletin is part of an ongoing series by Kraeber Law Office to provide helpful hints about developments in the law that could be relevant to your business.


1. Increased Fast Food Minimum Wage

While you may be aware of the increase for many fast food workers to $20/hour, this also applies to exempt workers (new minimum salary of $83,200/year) and back office personnel.

2. 2024 Postings

Do you have your 2024 postings up? And remote workers are also entitled to the equivalent of the break room postings.

3. 2024 Increased Paid Sick Time

One aspect of the 2024 increase in mandatory paid sick time from 3 days / 24 hours to 5 days / 40 hours is that you cannot require a doctor's note prior to the expiration of those 5 days. Some employee handbooks that have not been updated this year may say otherwise and should be corrected.

4. Employment Verification Forms

When presented with an employment verification form in connection with an employee's loan application (mortgage, car loan, etc.), do NOT respond to the questions asking about an employee's prospects for future employment. This could be used as evidence by an employee to show they had "guaranteed" employment.

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Rhonda Kraeber

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