Employer Bulletin June 2024

This Bulletin is part of an ongoing series by Kraeber Law Office to provide helpful hints about developments in the law that could be relevant to your business.


1. New Pregnancy-Related Rules

California law already requires employers of 5 or more to reasonably accommodate pregnant employees.  Effective June 18, 2024, the EEOC has imposed additional rules for employers of 15 or more, including the requirement that so-called "predictable assessments" be provided (such as lifting/carrying restrictions and additional or longer meal and rest breaks).

2. Salesperson Exemptions

Salespeople -- both inside sales and outside sales -- may be exempt from the minimum wage, overtime, and meal/rest break requirements.  However, these exemption are very tricky and must be strictly administered.

3. Employment Applications

Applications have become a minefield.  What can you ask?  No sex or gender questions, no age-related questions (i.e., what year did you graduate?), no salary history questions, no required disclosure of social media passwords and the like, and on and on.  You may benefit from a review of your application form.

4.  IRS Rate for Expense Reimbursement

Usually the IRS mileage rate is adequate to comply with an employer's obligation to reimburse employees for driving for company business (not commuting for which no reimbursement is required).  However, exceptions exist and it is not automatic that the IRS rate covers all situations.

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Rhonda Kraeber

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