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California wage and hour laws are extremely complex and represent a minefield of potential problems – many of them inadvertent. Even unintentional violations of these rules can leave your company vulnerable to costly wage and hour disputes.

The lawyers at Kraeber Law are prepared to provide guidance and tailored recommendations that will help your business comply with all local, state, and federal labor regulations. Our accomplished team has over 100 years of collective legal experience and has assisted businesses throughout California. We provide personalized assistance with matters involving worker classifications, paid time off, overtime, commission plans, meal and rest breaks, and the multitude of other personnel issues facing employers every day.

Meal & Rest Breaks

California labor laws include extremely specific and complicated requirements for employees’ meal and rest breaks.  Strict compliance is mandatory and the penalties for failing are serious. 

Handle wage and hour compliance issues with confidence. Schedule a consultation by contacting us online or calling (925) 319-5791.

Understanding Worker Classification in California

Worker classification issues include employee vs. independent contractor and exempt vs. non-exempt. Both inquiries are complicated and confusing.  Employers are required to understand and implement only lawful classifications, and the consequences for being wrong are substantial.  Kraeber Law is ready, willing, and able to explain the classifications and assist in making the correct choices for your company.

We can work to resolve any inadvertent or existing misclassification problems before they become potential litigation issues. 

Overtime Compensation in California

Calculating entitlement to and the amount of overtime compensation for non-exempt employees is a necessary yet complicated undertaking for most employers.  Overtime pay requirements also vary by local ordinance in many locations.  Also, many employers desire non-standard methods of paying employees.  Kraeber Law can assist with achieving your company’s  goals while ensuring you remain in compliance with the labor laws.  Issues also arise with employees that engage in unauthorized overtime work and timekeeping (clocking in and out). 

Our legal team is extremely familiar with California’s overtime rules and can help your company become and remain compliant with the applicable laws. 

If you are worried about your business’s compliance with California wage and hour laws, do not hesitate to call (925) 319-5791 or contact us online.

Why Clients Continue to Choose Kraeber Law

  • Employment Law Specialization

    Although we are able to help you with a wide variety of services, we have specialized in employment law since 1991. We understand the ever-changing laws and know how to use the laws to defend your rights.

  • 100 Years of Experience

    We are a team that brings over 100 years of combined experience to the table. Put our knowledge on your case's side.

  • Communication is Key!

    We strive to give our clients the best communication they have ever experienced when working with an attorney. Even when there is no news, you deserve an update.

  • Personal Touch

    We promote a strong attorney-client relationship which begins the moment we have an initial consultation all the way up to the end of your case and beyond.

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Our team pairs decades of legal experience with a focus on building a strong attorney-client relationship. Get started on the right path today.

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