Employer Bulletin Nov 2022

This Bulletin is part of an on-going series by Kraeber Law Office to provide helpful hints about developments in the law that could be relevant to your business.

1. Common Mistakes Revisited

The most common mistakes that cause employers to be sued include: exempt/non-exempt misclassifications, meal and rest breaks failures, final paychecks, OT calculations, and independent contractor misclassifications.  If you have ANY questions regarding any of these subjects, contact us. 

2. New 2023 Employment and Labor Laws are Coming

As always, the state has provided us with a laundry list of new and varied employment and labor laws for 2023.  The preview is coming shortly.  Stand by.

3. Do Not Underestimate the Importance of an Employee Handbook

A well-crafted employee handbook tailored to your business is critical to managing employees and fending off claims.  In addition to many other benefits, it provides the best way to prove you've communicated policies and procedures to your workers.  Oftentimes, Labor Commission hearings begin with, "What does the employee handbook say?"  So what may seem like a burdensome expense is actually your first line of defense to frivolous claims.  

Contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.

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